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Free FastForward Radio Iphone Ap

Well, perhaps my title is overstating this a little, but not by much. Follow these directions and you can listen to any show from the FastForward Radio archive straight from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad:

  1. Launch the Safari web browser on your Apple device.

  2. Go to ""

  3. At the blogtalkradio site, click "Search." It's right under "Login" at the top of the page.

  4. Type "fastforward speculist" in the search field and choose the "on demand by most recent" option. Click the Seach button.

    You should now be on a webpage showing the 10 most recent FastForward Radio shows.

  5. Below the page on the browser itself is a "+" button. Click it. Choose "Add to Home Screen"

    You now have the option of renaming this button. I recommend "FastForward."

  6. Click "Add" at the top right.

You now have the Fastforward Radio Ap on your iPhone complete with a cool microphone icon. Enjoy!


Really interesting post, thanks! Do you mind if I publish it in my blog, with a link back to you?

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