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FastForward Radio


Listen in as Michael Sargent and Stephen Gordon discuss Artificial General Intelligence, the Turing Test, the simplest Turing Machines, Moore's Law, and artery-clearing micro-cyborgs:

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Michael and Stephen started the show talking about the latest meeting of the Boulder Future Salon. Both Michael and Phil attended that meeting and reported back (here and here) at The Speculist. Is the Turing Test the best way to test for artificial general intelligence?

Michael mentioned the storm botnet worm. He and Stephen agreed that this botnet represents a new paradigm in malware.

Next, Michael and Stephen discuss Stephen Wolfram's simple Turing Machine. Stephen Wolfram published a book entitled A New Kind of Science (the link is to the entire text of that book), in which he proposed that the simplest possible Universal Turing Machine would be 2 states, 3 colors. He gave an example of a 2,3 Turing machine that he intuitively felt was universal - or capable of performing any calculation that any other computer can perform. To discover for sure, he offered a prize to anyone who submited a proof showing that the machine was either universal or nonuniversal. Answer: it's universal.

The graphic at the upper right of this post is a visual representation of Wolfram's 2,3 machine.

Michael and Stephen also covered the artery-clearing micro-cyborgs. They're robots, but they're powered by heart muscle. Will these be the first in-body autonomous bots? Will this have a negative impact on our privacy?

We finished up with further discussion on Moore's Law.

Thanks to our callers Izzy and Matt Duing.

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