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How About a Billion of These?

Like a good responsible citizen of the planet, I recently joined The Instapundit Readers Group in the One Billion Bulbs campaign. I replaced four incandescent bulbs in my garage with fluorescents. (As an added benefit, the new bulbs may prove to be Sith-repellent.)

But let's not stop, there folks. Fluorescent bulbs are just the beginning. How about a bulb that's four times as efficient and lasts, well, forever? Now we're talking!


Yeah- but I can buy the CFL across the st. and screw it into any light bulb socket in my house. Almost- they don't make CFL in every size and shape.

The Ceravision solution is not going to catch on in America until it can do that too. Don't they realize that Edison kicked Tesla's ass for a reason?

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