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FastForward Radio

Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon are back with an interview of Dave Gobel. Dave cofounded with Aubrey de Grey the Methuselah Foundation. This is the nonprofit charity that is behind the Methuselah Mouse Prize - a prize for proving life extension technologies in mice.

This interview explains why developing life extension matters more, fundamentally, that almost anything else we can put our efforts into. It's also a fascinating glimpse into how the efforts of a few people can be leveraged to change the world. You'll want to hear this one for sure.


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The topics:

  • LSU lost to Arkansas on Friday 48-50.
  • Stephen thinks the state of the art on fighting viral illnesses should improve.
  • David Gobel cofounded The Methuselah Foundation and the The Methuselah Mouse Prize.
  • Phil mentioned former Colorado Governor Dick "Duty to Die" Lamm. Lamm's exact quote was "We've got a duty to die and get out of the way with all of our machines and artificial hearts and everything else like that and let the other society, our kids, build a reasonable life." We disagree.
  • Polio and The March of Dimes.
  • The ongoing Sabin v. Salk controversy.
  • Why Napolean is, in spite of himself, one of the great benefactors of humanity. He offered a food preservation prize that resulted in canning.
  • David Gobel first proposed the concept of Actuarial Escape Velocity - a point in time at which the acceleration of advances in biomedical technology surpass the rate at which humans age .
  • And, lastly, Dave Gobel explained how normal people with normal incomes are making the Methuselah Mouse Prize possible.
  • Other than aging, what's the deadliest disease in the world? You might be surprised.
  • This show mentioned the following works:

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Here are the details behind the (surprising) reality of what disease kills the most people in the world each year. Plus, here's more info on Eleanor Roosevelt. Not only is her maiden name a surprise, I was surprised to learn her first name! (Hint: not Eleanor)

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