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FastForward Radio

Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon interviewed special guest Brian Wang. In addition to his many other accomplishments, Brian has been a Foresight Nanotechnology Institute senior associate since 1997.

We spoke with Brian about the crappy beta versions of human enhancement that some people are experimenting with today, often to their detriment. When will better enhancements be available?

human enhancement.JPG

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The audio for this mp3 file is very skippy. Can you supply a better version?

Unfortunately, the skippiness is entirely my fault. I was trying to save a few books by using my Vonage phone...a mistake I promise not to repeat.

The comet bigger than the sun- a little creepy, but reassuring because at least it proves the existence of God.


This may be a case of the writer's sarcasm not coming through in a comment, but how does a big comet prove the existence of God?

I'm not an athesist but...I don't get it.


I agree. And it doesn't - at least not any better than anything else.

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