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The Mars Connection

Let's begin with my name, Phil, which of course is short for Philip. One of the most famous Philips in all history would have to be Philip II of Macedonia, AKA Philip of Macedon, noted for his own tremendous conquests and for being the father of Alexander the Great. The Athenians once described Philip as a "Macedonian Ares." Ares, of course was the Greek god of war. His Roman name -- Mars.

Growing up, my favorite book was Red Planet by Robert A. Heinlein. The subject of Red Planet? It's an adventure story set of the planet Mars.

In 1976, when I as not yet 14 years old, NASA launched the first Viking Probe to the planet Mars. We all remember the many famous images sent back from the surface of the planet Mars. Here's an example:


As exciting as those first images sent back from the surface of the planet Mars may have been, they were probably not the most important images taken by Viking 1. Its most important picture was this one, taken while the Viking probe was still in orbit around the planet:


This, of course, is the famous "face on Mars" proof positive not only of life in outer space but -- perhaps more excitingly -- of an advanced ancient Martian civilization. Humanoid, no less. Sure, there have been misguided attempts to debunk this finding. NASA's so-called "subsequent images" of the same area of Mars, for example. Obvious shoddy fakes, every one of them:


Yeah, see? There was a face there and then 25 years later it was just gone. Just like that. Gone. Yeah, right. NASA is usually pretty good, but sometimes they really drop the ball -- like they did with this forgery and when they faked the moon landings.

Anyway, back to the Phil story. So in the early 90's, I'm working overseas and it turns out that one of the software engineers I worked with -- in both Russia and Malaysia -- was with the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena during the 70's. He was part of a team that downloaded data from the Viking probe in space. Care to guess which picture he happened to snap while working there? Yep, that's the one:


So I hope you're following this. I just happen to share the name of an ancient king who was once likened to Ares (Mars.) I just happened to enjoy reading books about Mars when I was a kid. NASA just happens to launch a probe to Mars when I'm 14, which just happens to take a picture clearly and indisputably showing a replica of a human face on the surface of the planet. While working overseas, I just happen to meet the man who took the picture.

(I should note in passing that my friend denies that the face picture actually shows a face, and he sticks with the whole "subsequent images disprove the face theory" cover-up. Loyal NASA boy, or guy who doesn't want to end up like so many NASA whistle blowers of the past? You tell me.)

Okay, now here's where the story really starts to get eerie. A couple of years ago, my wife and I adopted a shih tzu. This was the second such dog for us to adopt. We really only got him as a companion for the first dog. What I'm saying is, this dog isn't even my main dog, all right? And yet, within a few weeks of bringing this backup dog home, I couldn't help but notice that there was something oddly familiar about him. Here's a picture of him. Brace yourselves:


Amazing, isn't it?

For those of you who can't see it, or who don't want to admit to themselves what it is they're seeing, let me make it explicit for you:


The resemblance is uncanny. And this can't be brushed off as just another "coincidence." Look at the photos! They speak for themselves.

His name? Barney. My wife chose the name. Sounds a little like "Mars," doesn't it?

Of course, some will continue to scoff. But others are ready to make the leap. For example, the good folks down in Arizona who taught me about the natural earth-spirit phenomenon called Vortexes.

And where in Arizona do you find these phenomena? Sedona. And where on Mars is the face located? A region called Cydonia.

And now I have to stop writing. It's just all too much to take in.



I can hardly believe you revealed all that personal detail about yourself.

But- once again- at least it's all proof there is a God.

Well, it's at least proof that there is a dog.

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