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Fast Forward Radio, Episode 10


This episode Phil and Stephen had the opportunity to interview author and space entrepreneur James C. Bennett.

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We had a lot to talk about:

  • Are we living in the Chinese Century?

  • The dangers of utopianism for Singularity enthusiasts.

  • Why, instead of a utopia we'll probably "muddle through" to the Singularity as Joel Garreau suggested in his book, Radical Evolution.

    Here's the Speculist book review for Radical Evolution.

  • How notions of trust between nations might figure into the immigration mess.

  • The future of the Anglosphere in Space.

  • Future projects that James C. Bennett is considering.

  • This was the first show in which we were able to have outside callers. Our callers were the Speculist's own Kathy Hanson who also blogs at Beyond Words; Will Brown of The Warrior Class blog; and Andrew S - who frequently comments right here at The Speculist. Thanks to all callers for your thoughtful questions!

We also had some fun with a list of the Top 87 Bad Predictions About the Future. (Hat-tip: GeekPress.)

As always, we are showcasing up-and-coming musicians. This episode its "Judy's Got A Stickshift" from The Hot Rods.

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