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The Singularity Summit is Coming

Stanford University, May 13.

Look at this lineup. Speakers will include:

Nick Bostrom
Cory Doctorow
Eric Drexler
Tyler Emerson
Douglas Hofstadter
Steve Jurvetson
Ray Kurzweil
Max More
Christine Peterson
John Smart
Peter Thiel
Sebastian Thrun
Eliezer Yudkowsky

For more on these speakers, visit this page on the official Summit site.

Oh, and guess what. It's free.

Anybody interested in carpooling from Colorado? Let me know.


If anyone is going to drive from the Ohio area please take me with you.

Two things struck me as I studied the conference speaker roster: 1) Phil and Stephen should have made the cut! 2) There is only one woman. :(

Kathy --

Forget about item 1. The obvious solution is for you to establish yourself as a Singularity thought leader so that you get invited to speak at these things. That way we have more women participating and Speculist representation covered in one shot!

Looks like I'll be able to make it from Davis, California (near Sacramento) using public transportation the whole way. But if someone wants to carpool...

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