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Fast Forward Radio -- Three Wishes

What would it take to fundamentally transform our world for the better? Phil and Stephen discuss the three wishes that might just get us there.

Plus -- a sneak preview of our upcoming special series,

The World Transformed II: Faster, Please


Looking forward to it! This is something I think about all the time.

Here are my 3 wishes:
1) Practically unlimited, ultra cheap, ultra clean, energy source(s).
2) Artificial General Intelligence or a bunch of really good narrow AI's.
3) Full-immersion virtual reality. Our massive human footprint could become a more virtual one. Think of all the wonderful new human culture created when we spend most of our time in virtual space.

I'll leave nano-factories out. Something tells me that one will be covered. :)

Thank you so much for your thoughts on The Speculist: Fast Forward Radio -- Three Wishes , I totally agree with you. It is fantastic to see a fresh outlook on this and I look forward to more.

Nice job putting this together.

The simplicity of the circle with patiently expressed ideas is likely more effective than over-amped multimedia explosions of video/imagery.

this might be off topic for the post but on topic in general, I think -

The implications are that the rapid increase in human lifespan that we are seeing is a trait that is already present in the human genome and has nothing to do with technology (at least not beyond reducing child mortality, which is a very different problem from aging). This in turn implies that Kurzweil's extrapolation into indefinite lifespan in the near future is entirely wrong - because it would depend on technology driving the change, which it is not.

The struggles of life have provided us with the opportunity to become courageous, compassionate and thoughtful. Without those struggles, what will we become?

Why must there be ads on the website? The podcast doesn't seem to have any. You could take up donations for hosting.

Also, is the video or music copyright? Perhaps it would be relevant to put it in Theora, or Google's A/V codec.

Scybert --

The ads on the site help to offset hosting costs. We've tried other models - including one experiment with donations -- and it didn't work as well.

The music is from Kevin MacLeod's, who allows free distribution of his work with appropriate credit. The images used in the video are subject to various licensing models, all of which are described in the summary page linked from the video's Youtube page -- the url is also in the credits.

The video itself may be freely distributed as long as the images, the music, and my contribution continue to be attributed appropriately

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