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FastForward Radio -- The Essentials Revisited

What is it that throws the Speculist Switch? Phil and Stephen review and update the Speculist Essentials -- key influences towards developing a FastForward-friendly view of the universe, including:
  1. Movie or TV show
  2. Fiction book
  3. Nonfiction book
  4. Website
  5. Event
  6. Person



As I was listening to this week's podcast, it occurred to me that you guys are probably always looking for good, new Singularity related content. It then occurred to me to suggest you hold a contest. In this contest you ask your audience members to send you a list of the Singularity related questions or topics they would like to see discussed on FFR. Lists would be judged on the criteria of originality and interest - i.e. interesting Singularity topics that are not often discussed. The prize could even be to appear on FFR and raise one's questions onesself. Or a coffee mug. Also, if you have multiple submissions you really like, there's no reason you couldn't award multiple prizes. Whadaya think?

Stephen's comments about his own (and Phil's) 11-show series was cool.

We can be profoundly influenced by a host of other people and events, but even our own personal projects can be enormously influential and satisfying.

There's always a degree of hesitation for a host to tout an event they played a part in, for fear of sounding self-serving. But the fact is, that the activities in which you have gotten your hands dirty, are the ones that change you the most.

- and hard-won personal projects tend to be the most satisfying, so we should always try to find a way to share that enthusiasm with our listeners, so thanks.

Oh, and the 11-part series was indeed exciting and enjoyable.

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