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Alex In Charge

Big news in an e-mail from James Hughes:

Alex Lightman Appointed Executive Director of Humanity+

Los Angeles, August 3, 2009 - The Board of Directors of Humanity+ is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Alex Lightman as its new Executive Director.

"Mr. Lightman brings to the job significant experience in the technology world and H+ is thrilled that he is taking the reins to help grow our organization," said Dr. James Hughes, Secretary, Humanity+.

We last caught up with Alex at the Singularity Summit in September 2007:

My quick synopsis:

You might find Alex to be outspoken, perhaps even outrageous. But you certainly never have to worry that he's holding back on you. His views are unique and though-provoking.

Congratulations to Alex. Here's looking forward to some very exciting developments from Humanity + in the near future!


A very well produced video. You're becoming quite the producer.

Congratulations to Lightman. He sounds perfect for H +.

I agree with almost everything he says, which is in of itself quite amazing.

I'd tweak the bit about creating a religion by changing that into creating a foundation dedicated solely to fundraising and disbursing funds to individuals and companies who come up with the wild and crazy ideas that may help us get to the Singularity.

Each organization existing now does its own fundraising, but having a "Catholic Church" kind of powerhouse fundraiser would be a true boon to Singulatarians.

BTW, his idea about human technology creating God has been done a number of times quite well in science fiction, (The Final Question) and in science books, (The Anthropic Cosmological Principle).

All in all, loved it.

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