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Two Upgrades

With Tuesday's podcast looming, the idea of human enhancements is very much on my mind. On the show, we'll be talking about future upgrades to the human architecture that will make life radically different. But what about things we can do now?

Here are a couple of ideas.

1. Run 20 miles an hour.

In the Six Million Dollar Man, Steve Austin had to lose both legs in order to get upgraded to 60 mph capability. Now anyone who wnats to can go 1/3 as fast with no loss of limb required -- although certainly possible if you use those things wrong -- and at a much, much smaller price tag.

2. Know Everything

The trick to this one is that, like the stilts, it currently remains an external upgrade only. You can know everything there is to know, you just can't carry the knowledge around in your own head. So where do you keep the knowledge?

Here's a new choice that's growing in popularity.

Here's an old standby.

This one is more for being a know-it-all than for knowing everything, if you see the distinction.

Any other upgrade sugestions out there?


How about caffeine and other stimulants which act as brain performance boosters?

Mobile devices that carry a lot of processing power - iPhone, Blackberry, Pre, bring that computing power a lot closer. Still external, though.

Respirocytes, of course, but how about ocular implants similar to those now used to correct macular degeneratitive conditions that permit on-demand vision into the UV/IR range of the spectrum that uses shape-shifting characteristics instead of a dedicated power supply?

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