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FastForward Radio: The Era of Indefinite Lifespan

The World Transformed, Part 2

"How long have I got, Doc?"

"Oh, about 1000 years..."

Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon welcome visionary aging researchers and best-selling authors Aubrey de Grey (Ending Aging) and Terry Grossman (The Baby-Boomer's Guide to Living Forever, Transcend: Nine Steps to Living Well Forever) to explain how indefinite healthy extension of human lifespan is not only possible, but may well soon be within our grasp.

Towards the end of part 1 of the show, we ask Dr. Grossman if there are three things that people can do right now to start "living forever," what would they be? He says the top three would be:

1. Stop eating sugar.

2. Get exercise.

3. Reduce stress in your life.

We didn't ask, but I'm guessing this list assumes that you don't smoke or drink heavily. With the exception of the first item, which is probably a little more extreme than the advice doctors would typically give -- generally they'll tell you to "cut down" on sugar, not go cold turkey -- these sound like some good general tips for how to live a healthier life.

Of course, that should come as no big surprise. If you want to live longer, getting healthy is a great way to start.


Archived recording available here:

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About our guests:

Aubrey de Grey Ph.D. is a biogerontologist, creator of the Methuselah Mouse prize, and Chief Science Officer of the SENS Foundation.
Terry Grossman, MD is a leading expert on anti-aging and life extension therapies, and the founder and medical director of Frontier Medical Institute in Denver, Colorado. drterrygrossman.jpg


Natural sugars found in fruit are OK.

But Americans consume obscene amounts of sugar. A can of Coca-Cola or Pepsi has about 40 grams of sugar.

Natural sugars are *not* ok. Read up on low carb diets sometime.

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