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FastForward Radio-- Spreading the Word about the Singularity

Tonight Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon spoke with guests Alvis Brigis and Marisa Vitols about how to get the word out about the Singularity to a broader audience.

Our chat host Michael Darling led the chat discussion. Get all the details on listening live at our audio host, Blog Talk Radio.

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The Topics:

  • About our guests:
    • alvisbrigis1.jpgAlvis Brigis is a media producer, futurist and entrepreneur with a specialty in evolving communications. His diverse background includes roles on projects such as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search (NBC), MotorMouth (VH1), Virtual Laguna Beach, and The Metaverse Roadmap. He is Co-Founder of, where he writes about intelligence amplification spurred by accelerating technology, communication and information domains.

    • marisvitols.jpgMarisa Vitols does viral web marketing consulting and produces and records Science News beats for a Dallas/Fort Worth radio show called The Promise of Tomorrow ( along with working on various TV projects. Previously, she worked as the Community Manager for Memebox, LLC.

    About Memebox:

    Future Blogger, a creation of Memebox, enables anyone interested in the future to easily post their thoughts, predictions, and scenarios before a like-minded group of people. These posts are then rated by the community, with the best content rising to the top and onto the Future Blogger front page.

    Providing a shot to the arm of Future Blogger is its sister application Future Scanner, which aggregates and organizes the best future-related content on the web by year and category. Future Blogger users gain access to the Future Scanner through the same central user account and can use the site to easily browse and keep track of their favorite future links. Whenever a Future Blogger post receives enough votes it is automatically submitted to the Future Scanner, boosting its reach and social surface area.

  • Our first combo "Astounding Science Facts/Tales of the Paranormal!"

    Former astronaut: Man not alone in universe

    (Edgar) Mitchell, who was part of the 1971 Apollo 14 moon mission, asserted Monday that extraterrestrial life exists, and that the truth is being concealed by the U.S. and other governments.

    "Our destiny, in my opinion, and we might as well get started with it, is [to] become a part of the planetary community. ... We should be ready to reach out beyond our planet and beyond our solar system to find out what is really going on out there."

    Mitchell grew up in Roswell, New Mexico, which some UFO believers maintain was the site of a UFO crash in 1947. He said residents of his hometown "had been hushed and told not to talk about their experience by military authorities." They had been warned of "dire consequences" if they did so.

    But, he claimed, they "didn't want to go to the grave with their story. They wanted to tell somebody reliable. And being a local boy and having been to the moon, they considered me reliable enough to whisper in my ear their particular story."

    Roughly 10 years ago, Mitchell claimed, he was finally given an appointment at Pentagon to discuss what he had been told.

    An unnamed admiral working for the Joint Chiefs of Staff promised to uncover the truth behind the Roswell story, Mitchell said. The stories of a UFO crash "were confirmed," but the admiral was then denied access when he "tried to get into the inner workings of that process."

    The same admiral, Mitchell claimed, now denies the story.

    We Talked about what's happening with Mitchell. We think this is part of the story:

    From this video's caption:

    Footage from the launch and drop operations under the "High Dive" program back in the middle 50's.

    These dummies where used to study the behavior of a human like body in free fall in the framework of a project devoted to develope a escape system for future astronauts whom would need to bailout from the stratosphere.

    These research drop test lead to another program (Excelsior) that used a human being as test subject.

    According to the Air Force, these test carried out in the desert over New Mexico, are probably the source (among other confusion and myths) of the "Alien bodies" allegations in regard the UFO Crash at Roswell in 1947.

  • We discussed the singularity going mainstream, beginning with Michael's recent observation about healthy life extension becoming a mainstream topic and touched on the recent Vernor Vinge interview in h+

    Related to life extension on Oprah, Alvis noted that novel information AND technology spreads to the masses more quickly. In Diffusion of Innovations, Everett Rogers points out that 1) there are many barriers to diffusion of ideas, mostly rooted in language barriers, geographic barriers and cultural barriers rooted in the fundamental belief sets we have loaded in our brains, but he also shows that 2) interactive communication technologies (ICTs) continue to spread more and more quickly through human societies, a trend that when extrapolated supports not only the accelerating spread of better and better communication technologies, but also the corresponding spread of better ideas, or memes. TV allows Oprah to shotgun memes to millions of viewers. Social media is the most recent incarnation of this. The question central to exploring the increased spread of important memes such as accelerating change and singularity is "How will Oprah spread the word in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years? "

    Getting the word out more effectively translates into - "How can we increase the fluidity of the meme markets?" The possible solutions 1) using new technology (simulations, semantic web, real-time translation software, social media, eventually brain computer interface, etc) to communicate more effectively and also 2) developing our use of metaphors and words (base level cognitive technologies) to facilitate the transmission of information from one brain to the next. In other words, accelerating External (Hard) and Internal (Soft) technologies, rather than fighting the fight using contemporary or outdated propaganda measures.

  • Alvis explained the idea of the Tunnel of Time idea, an effort to STEM compress and create powerful simulations to get ideas across more effectively and quickly. Clark Aldrich provides some inspiration for this. Ultimately we can create easy to surf Tunnels of Time that visually lay out predictions according to confidence, creating a richer scaffolding for forecasting.

  • Marisa discussed how Social Media and the Semantic Web will make this possible. If the web is a natural extension of our brain, then we should expect social media, over time, to filter out and serve up the highest quality information (combination of most novel + most comprehensive) . The best Science and Technology sites already do a good job of presenting information about accelerating change. There is also an increase in discussion about the Singularity (a metaphor which may need some updating) by higher level people. Social Media can automagically filter out the most relevant information, in a variety of formats, because it's totally incented to do that.

    The Music:

    Our front bumper is a sample of Marginal Prophets' "The Difficult Song."

    Our exit music this week is from Underwhelmed. The song is "Freak."

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