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Meet the Future of Humanity

Her name is Sefra Rose Bowermaster. She arrived on the scene this morning at 7:41 Am MDT. Weighing an impressive 8 lbs. 14 oz and measuring 19 3/4 inches long, she is an American / Malaysian hybrid and clearly destined for greatness. What a future she will see! The pictures tell the whole story.

The Mother

The Father

The Baby

First Ever Group Shot

Spending Time with Big Sister

I, for one, welcome our new adorable baby overlord.


What a happy looking family! Way to go guys. Thankful mom and baby girl came through safely.


Congratulations, and best wishes to all.

I do feel compeled to note which of the group was required to wear the mask.

Just saying. :)

Congratulations! Sefra is beayootiful! We're so happy for mom, pop, and big sis.

Phil, keep the mask and hair net. That look works for you. Who'd of thunk?

Sefra - A New Baby Haiku

Sefra is our babe.
She is very beautiful.
How we all love her!

Welcome to the world Sefra!

Congratulations, Mom and Dad and big Sis! You all are some good looking people! Kiss, kiss, hug, hug, little kiss, little kiss, hug, hug, big kiss.

Congratulations things just might get better and better

What a wonderful event; she will certainly be a big part of the future for you all. She is a beautiful gift of grace.

Nice work and congratulations!

Phil and family,

what a blessed addition to your clan... She is beautiful!!!

Congratulations, Phil.

Congratulations on your new cutie!

Remember, evolution is not a spectator sport.

Congrats to all of you, Phil and family!

Congrats to all of you, from all of us!

{big HUG!}

beck and Paulie

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