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McCain Is in the Game

No, not that game.

Much more significantly, by outlining an energy plan as comprehensive the one that Barack Obama outlined last week, John McCain is now in the running for one of these:

As we announced on the most recent edition of FastForward Radio, we will be awarding the presidential candidate who outlines the most speculicious program -- that is, the plan with the most Speculist appeal -- with a FastForward Radio coffee mug. Remaining zealously apolitical, we will not be endorsing any candidates for President, but we are pleased to provide a significant motivation to both candidates to get focused on positive future scenarios, especially those driven by emerging technologies and emerging possibilities.

While McCain did not put a timeline on his plan to get us off what I'm going to call hostile foreign oil (not necessarily all foreign oil) he did specifically mention one of our favorite approaches to energy independence: flex fuels. He also had some intriguing things to say about retraining the workforce in a global economy. We'll take a look at McCain's speech on Sunday's podcast and decide whether he has taken the lead in the race for the mug or whether Obama still has the edge.

And a reminder to both Senator Obama and Senator McCain -- if either happen to be reading this -- any use by either of you of the phrase "space elevator" ought to just about clinch this thing. So don't be shy.

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