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FastForward Radio

Sunday night Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon laid out the Speculist Manifesto. What is the shocking truth about the future that the mainstream media and the politicians aren't telling you?

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What is at stake? What can we learn by studying possibilities and scenarios? And why do we Speculists spend time blogging and podcasting about this stuff? Do we have a contribution to make?

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The topics:

  • Stephen has been learning and playing the role playing game called, simply, "Instant Game." It's a lot of fun and its available free at the Animalball website.

  • Pygmy Marmoset, A.K.A., the "finger monkey:"

  • Scientific American published an article about real-life Iron Man suits.
real ironman.jpg
  • The other Singularities on Mr. Spock's chessboard.

  • The Speculist Manifesto (The Short Version):

    The Human Imperative is improvement of the human condition. Throughout human (and pre-human) history, we have worked to increase human intelligence and capability.

    The Human Imperative is working. We have consistently improved our circumstances, and are making improvements at an accelerating pace.

    With improvements come new problems, but the improvements are outpacing the problems. Moreover, improvements are additive and we can combine them in creative ways to provide unexpected benefits.

    Throughout human history, we have carried out the Human Imperative using two basic strategies:

    1. Solving problems / mitigating risks

    2. Achieving the good

    The first strategy has always taken priority, as the primary ongoing problem we have had to solve is how to achieve our survival (or prevent our extinction.) But we now stand on the threshold of a new era in human history. Improvements and potential improvements are increasing exponentially; we are moving rapidly towards a critical mass of human intelligence and capability. Our achievable future is one that transcends the expectations, hopes, or even dreams of most of humanity.

    We can achieve that future only by recognizing that we are at a transitional point in carrying out the Human Imperative. We must transform our thinking about the future and, for the first time, change the order of our priorities. While survival remains our top priority, we must recognize that focusing on problems and risks is no longer our optimal strategy for achieving our survival. Our survival lies within the realization of our achievable good.

    The Human Imperative is now to recognize that transcendent good as possible, to communicate and share a vision of it, and to work towards its fulfillment.

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I thought of a series of shows for FastForward radio, I think would sell lots of tickets. A direct confrontation "The Speculist vs. Doomsday" show at a time, to take on the doomsday of the week and dismantle it, as the people stand by and cheer...and the dark cloud disapates.

You might find this of interest:

Fusion Report 06 May 008

Thanks, M. Fusion is one way the energy problem can be resolved. Others would include (off the top of my head):

Nuclear Fission
Solar Thermal
Ethanol -- from switchgrass, cornstalks, etc.
Ethanol -- from waste
Methanol -- from coal
Synthfuel -- from coal
Synthfuel -- from shale
Synthfuel -- from tar sands
Biodiesel -- from waste
Biodiesel -- from algae

Fusion and solar (which of course is just another variation on fusion) are the long-term answers. The others may help us get there.

This is why I don't lose sleep over Peak Oil. If there had never been any oil, we would have industrialized using coal and today would probably be using serious 10th-generation nuclear fission or possibly even fusion. There's plenty of energy to be tapped. The end of oil is not the end of civilization.

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