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Before and After the Singularity

Our friend Harvey, who puts modesty aside to claim that Ed Wood himself "never made anything as terrible" as what you're about to see, gives us a glimpse into a plausible future where crusty old guys play cards with robots -- I'm wondering if the robot is some kind of in-home care-giver. We know the moment the Singularity occurs because the robot helpfully announces the fact, but what's really interesting is what happens next. What if posthuman intelligence uses our own obnoxiousness (and I'm using that word in a fairly literal sense) against us?


Also, doesn't it seem to shed some light on the scenario described here? (Warning: language.)

Adds an ironic twist to the whole "poisonous gases" thing, doesn't it?


Well, not to be too demystifying, or actually, to be a bit demystifying, uh, I was trying to be in keeping with the positive, although a bit creepy. You see, I have my fine arts degree and all, and so I am completely cool with folks seeing my art work (or failed attempts at it) in whatever interpretation they get out of it, or glad to have them notice it at all. And it is generally a good thing for the artist's intention to remain a mystery, because someone intelligent might elevate the whole endeavor. However, here goes. I was thinking the robot was able to grow a nose as soon as it wanted one and develop a sense of humor, only moments after the Singularity. True, the effect of this on the old man was...chilling. But in part two, still in production, the old man and the robot remain best of friends. Thank you for your attention.

Aha. I thought the robot mutated the old guy's gaseous expulsions into something truly lethal. What a relief that the post-singularity machine intelligence is friendly!

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