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FastForward Radio

Don't miss this, our Super Speculist Sunday Show! Phil Bowermaster, Stephen Gordon, and Michael Darling visited about all things geeky.


Michael Darling filed his first "M Report" on fusion reactors. The picture above is Robert Bussard's electrostatic containment model for a small fusion reactor.

Phil's brought us a new "Tales of the Paranormal" and "Astounding Science Facts." And Stephen covered "Fun Tech!"

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The topics:

No photographic fakery here, except for that CITGO station.

  • "The M Report."

    Michael Darling spoke about the dream of fusion power and the need to pursue
    Robert Bussard's reactor design.

    Bussard's model is significantly different from the Tokamak design.

    We're hoping that we push toward fusion purposefully, rather than hope for an accidental breakthrough as with AIDS in Nairobi.

    Here's Robert Bussard speaking to Google a year or so ago.

  • Astounding Science Facts:
    • All blue eyed people are decended from a single individual who had mutant eyes.

    • Astronomers have found a spiral galaxy that is rotating in two different directions. The inner part is rotating clockwise and the outer part is rotating counter-clockwise. How did this happen?

    • New cat sized mammal discovered.

  • Fun Tech:

    • Stephen thinks jet packs are cool. But if you want to strap something to your back and go flying, try powered paragliding. Its safer and cheaper.
    • A company is building the robot from Lost in Space. It can be yours for $25,000.

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