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An Instant Treatment for Alzheimer's Disease

Wow, this is great news:

An extraordinary new scientific study, which for the first time documents marked improvement in Alzheimer’s disease within minutes of administration of a therapeutic molecule, has just been published in the Journal of Neuroinflammation.

They inject the drug entranercept in the spinal fluid and minutes later the patient is better.

I've watched as an elderly loved one faded with Alzheimer's disease. It's a heart breaking and frustrating disease. There are moments of clarity when the victim is able to respond more normally. Its almost like they are intoxicated - still there - but unreachable.

The reason this drug is thought to work sheds light on the disease. A molecule called "TNF" (tumor necrosis factor-alpha) regulates neural activity so its an essential part of brain function. But the problem with Alzheimer patients is that they have too much TNF.

Entranercept binds with the excess TNF and the patient improves at once. The TNF intoxication is lifted.


Remember that scene in Star Trek IV?

"The doctor gave me a pill and I grew a new kidney!"

It's kinda like that. Only bigger, in a way.

It's a little more complicated. From the Journal of Neuroinflammation:

"the ability of TNF to increase expression of interleukin-1 (IL-1),which in turn increasesproduction of the precursors necessary for formation of amyloid plaques, neurofibrillary tangles, and Lewy bodies. More recent data have revealed that TNF, one of the few gliotransmitters, has strikingly acute effects on synaptic physiology."

I think readers here are grown up enough to understand some of the mechanisms involved.

My father passed away from this horrible disease in October. It's heartbreaking to see them drift away over time, and then to have to grieve again when they pass on.

I truly am hopeful they find an actual cure, and not just a delaying tactic. I'm not certain that just prolonging the suffering is worth it.

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