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The $2,500 Car

Take a look at part of the reason that petroleum will never be cheap again:

2500 car.jpeg

This is Tata Motors "Nano" car. It will seat four adults comfortably and will sell for about $2,500 US in India and other developing countries. A version of this cute car might even make it to the US. This is the 21st century's answer to the VW Bug.

A car this cheap will allow millions in India, China and elsewhere to purchase a car for the first time. As more people demand petroleum the price of that resource will continue to climb - even without the peak oil nightmare.

We as a country have to get serious about flex fuel vehicles, ethanol and biodiesel production, battery R&D, and nuclear power. The quicker we push the alternatives, the less the pain of transition.


this is absolutly a copied idea of smart cars ..
i dont understand with so many talented car designer
why cant people make innovative cars.. and i think its
sad the car compnies follow a very self centered approach towards
design .. even after realising indian economy booming up ..
the companies are creating mess for the country ..
imagine the roads after 10 years in delhi ..
will be full of these cars .. and every person will have a
mobile and this car .. because at certain point of time ..
easy loans and easy installments will lead a car to everyone ..
why cant people think of the future for this country .
why cant we have the same speed of the way we manufacturing cars ,
into the common transport infrastructure collective by the automobile
companies with real time solutions they have to be serious in design
what they offer to public , the idea of india is to grow without any
painful yet an assured future which is comfortable and in the long run ..
think about the world running away from gas and carbon fuels ,,
and india is falling into the hands of the oil cpmpanies ,,
and desperation of every person who will drive the car in next 20 years
its a clear and alarming , india need to gave a wake up call for those
sleeping ..
i knw it sounds like absultly absurd that some comments like unwanted
,,like this but the idea of being a innovator or designer holds
responsibility of creating a smart solutions

i disagree if this car is for villages just beacuse its cheap ..
the idea is still not comunicated
.. we cannot use the microscope to study stars and galaxies

be a part!!! not break apart ...!!

Is this really something new?

The used car market in third world nations is HUGE. Most sell for less than $2500, I'm sure.

Before this, gas would have already been expensive until alternatives take off because demand from developing nations is skyrocketing and there haven't been problems meeting it - to my knowledge.

I knew I wasn't following everyone, but these guys aren't exactly in someone's garage.

Cool site- best cost comparison chart I've seen.
And - I love that the all electric mode can go highway speeds.

I'll post company reply to basic questions about when/how to test drive & buy.

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