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Cognitive Enhancement

The Los Angeles Times has an article this week on pharmaceutical cognitive enhancement. The drugs mentioned are Provigil, Ritalin, Adderall, and a new drug Aricept.

Money quote:

There are not too many occupations where it's really good to be dumb.


I am wary of too-linear a drug having side effects we have yet to discover. As a mostly typical American, I have enough trouble maintaining a sufficiently nutritious diet. Those few times in my life when I have made the extra effort to eat properly and take daily supplements, I have felt holistically better than I even thought possible during periods of depression-inducing malnourishment.

I am in favor of enhancing cognitive ability. However, I do believe we should start with a reserve of nutrients before we introduce a catalyst that is not properly supported with sufficient surplus to maintain the balance of health.

MikeD- You're right, but there's no $ patent in good nutrition. A Or at least not as many.

I'd agree that it seems to be useful to be less dumb- not sure how helpful it is to be smarter.

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