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'Tis the Season for Geek Gift-Giving

It's not too late to get something just right for that special geeky someone on your list. J. Random American presents the definitive list over on Ideas in Progress. I especially liked this one for college-age or older geeks:

Geeks are sometimes stereotyped as loners. Any technically demanding activity, however, requires a social support structure for exchanging ideas and expertise. These technical clubs and societies are also important for making friends with common interests, finding mentors to provide advice and moral support, and making connections for doing business and smoothing career advancement. Membership in at least one technical society or club in a geek's field of interest is a huge asset if they take advantage of it for more than just the free newsletter. Encourage college aged geeks to join their professional society or hobby club by offering to pay for their membership fee. Fortunately most professional societies offer discounts for student membership. There are hobby clubs for just about every possible avocation. Here is a partial list of professional societies in engineering and science. If you really want to splurge, pay their way to a convention, swap-meet, or conference on their favorite pass-time.

If that's a little more expensive than you were planning on, J. has gift suggestions to meet any budget or level of geekiness.

I would also recommend the following, via InstaPundit:

At last, reading material that is entertaining, thought-provoking, AND useful. How can you beat that?


A glossary listing their various Boone and Crockett valuations? :)

Speaking of memberships and end of year giving, and also relating to recent threads on alternative energy, efficiency, and transportation ...

there is a wonderful device whose users (millions of them) report efficiencies in the ballpark of 680 mpg.

The League of American Bicyclists has been promoting them since 1880.

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