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Computer History Museum

Looks like a fun place to spend the day:

I find it interesting that this museum is an actual physical place, not just a a website. They even talk about the distinction between the physical museum and the cyber-museum.

Lots more information here.

Via GeekPress.


My kids would absolutely love that place. They get a kick already out of my parents attic.

"Dad, did you really use this TI 99/4A when you were a kid?"

"Yes, son. And I was dang proud to have it."

TI 99/4a? Yes, and after hours of typing code into it, we saved it by first pressing play and record on the tapedeck which used cassettes for storage.

Damn, I'm not even that old ... and I'm old. :)


Yep. I used the cassettes for storage. My friend had the expansion box with a 5.25 floppy.

I was SOOO envious.

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