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No 24 or Trek Spoilers Here

I mean, everybody already knows that, in the new season, CTU has been shut down and that Tony Almeda is still alive and -- apparently -- evil. What? You didn't know that? Well, those are still not spoilers, seeing as all those facts are revealed in the previews that Fox has been showing for weeks now. So get caught up already.

Actually, that may be easier said than done. I went to looking for the previews so I could link them here and all I could find was a video of Keifer Sutherland lecturing me about global warming. Plus, it looks like the season premiere will be delayed due to the writer's strike -- confirming my long-held suspicion that there is no master plan for 24; they're making it up as they go along.

Anyhow, one of my favorite things about 24 is these little moments when Chloe will say, "Here, Jack, I've accessed the full electrical schematic for LAX," and Jack says "Upload that to my PDA," and then it's like -- Zip! Jack has the schematic. Yeah. Right. If you get as big a kick out of that sort of thing as I do, then you are sure to enjoy the unaired 1994 pilot for 24.

Via GeekPress, who also provides the following spoiler-laden link with this warning:

If you don't want to know the plot to the Star Trek 11 movie, then don't click here.

I really don't want to follow the link, but I'm concerned about what I've been hearing about this movie. Could somebody who isn't all that into Star Trek please do me a favor and follow the link, then leave a comment letting me know that they aren't really going to have Kirk, Spock, and McCoy (much less the other four) all attending Star Fleet Academy at the same time -- which makes no sense, based on their various ages. That might be enough of a show-stopper to keep me from going to see it, J. J. Abrams notwithstanding.


Fascinating. It seems that they can actually change our past, Captain. But to meddle in established history in this manner would be most illogical.

If you do follow the link and want to send me a message of reassurance -- or warning -- please put an appropriate spoiler warning on your comment.



I read the spoilers and I'm excited about this movie now. I think Star Trek fans of the both the Picard era and the Kirk era will be given something to cheer here.

That's a nice endorsement, but it hardly answers my question. Now you've got me scared that they'll have Kirk and Picard attending SFA together! :-0

I read the spoilers. Your question can't be answered based on the information they provide. On the bright side, they provide no reason to believe that Kirk and Picard are at SFA at the same time.

Additionally, the plot described on that page sounds much less stupid than I had feared it would be.

I'd have thought that you'd be used to the retconning that a show like Star Trek gets. I'd just consider it a "what if" the big 3 were at the Academy together and then decide whether to watch the movie based on its merits. You can assume that people will know most of the background and ignore describing technology and social that would otherwise suck time out of your story. At this point, Star Trek background and characters are more a short hand for telling tales. But are they interesting tales?

When it comes to retconning, Star Trek is bush league. I used to read DC comics:

"Supergirl is Superman's younger cousin!"

"Oh, no! She's dead!"

"Wait, she's not dead. She never existed!"

"No wait. She exists, but she's not his cousin. She's an alien influenced by a good version of Luthor in a Pocket Universe!"

"Her life is kind of like that of the original Supergirl!"

"Oh, no! She's dead!"

"No wait. The real Supergirl is Superman's cousin. She just got here later than expected!"

Multiply that kind of nonsense times every character in the DC universe. Abrams woud have to have Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, and Archer all attending SFA together (maybe make Archer and Janeway brother and sister while you're at it, and make Sisko into Siskorf -- an amalgam of the characters we know as the original Sisko and Worf) to even come close to DC-level retconning.

"Siskorf" - dude you're supposed to give spoiler warnings before giving that plot point away!


I'm sorry but I'm no longer Karl Hallowell. I'm now Chronos the Denier (*insert echo effect*) with a completely new backstory including tragic 1995 nuclear reactor accident and costume upgrade.

Ah, but this is where it gets confusing. The official story of Chronos the Denier is that he was never a registered commenter on this site. All Karl Hallowell comments are thus now attributed to Karl Kallagher, except for threads that included comments from both. Those threads are simply no longer part of Speculist continuity.

STAR TREK fans? Hmm, What I like from the movie is the outer space fantasy.

Strange as it seems you were not paying attention. He did not get the Red Matter until spock returned in the other ship. It was on SPOCKS ship.First he enters space and comes upon the U.S.S. Kelvin. Time is effectively screwed up when this encounter happens and JTK dad is killed and the ship is lost.NERO waited for Spock 25 years to exact revenge on SPOCK PRIME.Actually it was quite eligent. Sorry I think you should pay Attention instead of thinking there was really a plot hole.

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