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Why Does Anything Exist?

Awhile back I fumbled around with the ultimate question - why does anything exist? Wouldn't it have been easier for nothing to exist?

No matter how dogmatic some people seem to be on this issue - both those who believe in God and those who don't - the truth is nobody knows. That being the case, I think humility is the proper response.

I found it interesting to read the thoughts of a couple of guys who don't believe in God - Martin Stritz and George Dvorsky.

Martin almost talks himself into believing God - at least in the Einsteinian sense.


It's humorous to see that most responses regarding the question of existence could be summarized as "It is because it is. Don't bother asking." Not that I'm a creationist necessarily, but remember what we all learned in science class as teenagers in middle school. You cannot get something from nothing. The big bang theory promotes the idea of matter and antimatter colliding to form our current universe. Ok fine.. So then where did that matter and antimatter come from? You can't get it from an empty vacuum, so here's a thought. Science may only explain so much, and maybe we should be more open minded and give more thought to the possibility of a creation style theory. It's mind warping stuff for sure, but I believe we should humble our egos a bit and think of the possibility that our human brains may never be able to understand the origin of all things because it is quite simply beyond our abilities. I mean seriously, go into deep thought mode after reading this and you yourself should come to an unavoidable realization that the existence of even a single particle in the universe can only be described as miraculous. And if there is a God that created the cosmos, then how did he come into existence? Perhaps in the absence of matter and space, in the time before time a certain reality can be entertained in theory.. What if in the void of nonexistence there had to be a singular sentience by definition, sort of a balanced non corporeal yin to the yang of the dark void.. (knowledge vs the dementia of nothingness, + and -).. Perhaps even nonexistence cannot exist without it knowing of itself? Perhaps God is and always was in a mind blowing endless time loop with no beginning and no end, simply (or not) a consciousness of unconsciousness that got bored and decided to spice things up a bit (somehow) with the creation of our known universe. Maybe there really is an Alpha and Omega, and it is manifested in an all knowing all powerful God.

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