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If I Live to Be 100

Here's the first of three videos that I am putting together from the Mid-Atlantic Library Futures Conference which I attended last week. This one has responses to one of the Seven Questions About the Future:


Very cool.

The question you asked for this film was slightly different from the way it was asked as part of the seven questions:

Assuming you die at the age of 100, what will be the biggest difference be between the world you were born into and the world you leave?

Still, Mary Catherine Bateson still got close to my answer. The fact that she will be alive with many others at that late age.

My answer: "if I manage to stay alive another 34 years I will probably live to be much older than 100... By my 100th birthday senescence will be optional (and I'm guessing a not very popular option)."

Outstanding work Phil!

I'd like to add to my previous answer to the question, the observation that in 2069 the phrase 'man on the street TV interview' will have taken on an entirely different meaning.

(BTW, I'd like to request a 'behind the scenes' episode when you've finished the Q&A coverage.)

More, please.

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