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Fast Forward Radio, Episode 11

A Conversation With Aubrey de Grey


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Aubrey de Grey talks with us about SENS, The Methuselah Mouse Prize, and the SENS Challenge. We also get into why people try to make aging out to be a good thing and potential career options for the very long-lived. Plus, we look at the recent news that people seem to be living longer and healthier lives (which we commented about here) and how some have responded to these developments.

And if it's not too late to put in one more note about our recent blogiversary, here's the original Speculist interview with Aubrey from 2003.

As always, we are showcasing up-and-coming musicians. This episode its "Suburban Song" by The Massacoustics.

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If you've missed past episodes of Fast Forward Radio, you can find them all at the Fast Forward Radio webpage. For more Speculicious podcasting fun, check out The L2si Report.

Tech notice / disclosure: Stephen recorded this conversation via Skype, but experienced a serious echo problem on Phil and himself. Fortunately Dr. de Grey did not echo. In preparing for publication Phil and Stephen rerecorded their questions to eliminate the echo.

Please leave us any suggestions you may have for eliminating echos on Skype calls.


Lots of static on Aubrey's side, were you guys all on Skype? Guys, great job with the podcast, in any case!


Yes, this was all done via Skype and Wavepad.

We use hipcast for hosting.

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