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FastForward Radio, Episode 8


See if you can guess what the latest edition of FastForward Radio is about. Anyone? Bueller?

Click below to find out.

Or, download the MP3 File.

As some of you may have deduced even without listening, the show is devoted entirely to Glenn Reynolds' new book, An Army of Davids. Of course, that gives us an excuse to talk about a variety of topics:

  • Ideas for Glenn's next book, as mentioned on InstaPundit.

  • De-Industrialization

    A quick reality check (via Google) reveals that Phil didn't remotely come up with the term de-industrialization as he claims on the show. But we'll give him partial credit for expanding the definiton of the term to mean:

    Removal or reduction of industry: the removal or reduction of industrial activity in a country or region, especially heavy industry or manufacturing industry via new technologies enabling individuals to achieve the ends which previously required the larger industrial infrastructure.

  • Push Prizes

  • Project Orion

  • How video games help kids.

  • Reynold's Kurzweil interview

  • The 1993 thought experiment.

  • Rathergate

As always, we are showcasing an up-and-coming artist from garageband.com. This month it's Joe Bramanti's "Step."

Comments, questions, and criticisms can be sent to Stephen here:

mrstg87 {@ symbol} yahoo {dot} com

and Phil here:

bowermaster {@ symbol} gmail {dot} com

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If you've missed past episodes of Fast Forward Radio, you can find them all at the Fast Forward Radio webpage.

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To Whom it May Concern:

Why is it that no one ever leaves comments on the Podcast entries?


Philip Bowermaster
Committee for Self-Nullifying Blog Comments

For me, the obstacle to podcasts is this new "auditory" I/O. My programmer has yet to add my "ears" module so I can interprete this unusually formated data.

Second, what's up with the cover design? Seems kind of lame to repeat the same few people over and over again. Surely, there are eighteen people out there who you could capture in silhouette.

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