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Cyborg Update

The New York Times ran an article this weekend about a relatively new medical device called a neuromodulator.

Nearly all neuromodulation systems have the same general parts: Pulse generators, wires that touch nerves and implanted batteries, which must be replaced every few years. The most common versions are implanted in the spine, not the brain.

Batteries that have to be replace? Brain surgery or spinal surgery every few years to replace a battery strikes me as dangerous and painful. This is yet another medical device that could really benefit from running off the body's energy system - ATP.

Neuromodulators already are a $1 billion per year industry. Many within the industry see this as an area of huge potential growth. It could be used to treat Parkinson's disease, or any other disease that causes tremors or seizures including epilepsy. This device has also been used to treat chronic depression and chronic pain.

Companies are already pushing to develop new applications for the devices. They see potential uses in treating diseases including depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, erectile dysfunction, traumatic brain injuries, obesity, angina, incontinence and ringing in the ears.

Oh boy...can't wait for the inevitable neuromodulator spam.

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