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Fast Forward Radio, Episode 7


There's been a lot of spooky talk around the blogosphere these past couple of weeks about a phenomenon called Podfading -- the slow but sure disappearance of a regular podcast over time. Well, here at the Speculist we are pleased to inform you that podfading is no more a threat than those Martian spacecraft reported to have touched down in Grover's Mill, New Jersey.

That's right...Fast Forward Radio is back!

Or, download the MP3 File.

In this show we cover:

As always, we are showcasing an up-and-coming artist from garageband.com. This month it's Cody Lee's "Sympathetic Lies."

Comments, questions, and criticisms can be sent to Stephen here:

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If you've missed past episodes of Fast Forward Radio, you can find them all at the Fast Forward Radio webpage.

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