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"Geek Projects" bleg

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post entitled "Projects" about two inventions: a solar-powered backpack hotspot, and an all-electric motorcycle.

The first project has been completed, and the second is an ongoing project that Micah of "Event Horizon" is working on.

These projects were unrelated except that both are efforts by individuals to make something new. It shows an unwillingness on their part to wait for big corporate R&D departments to produce what they want.

Here's the bleg: if you love to tinker in your garage, we'd like to hear about your pet project - especially if you are inventing something new or if you are putting together existing tech in a new way.

It can be an ongoing project or something you've completed. If you're a blogger, send us a link to your post(s) on the project. If you're not a blogger, email us your story and attach pictures.

Pictures are key. We want to see what you've done.

Our goal with the "Geek Projects" feature is to demonstrate that the day of garage innovation is not over. In fact, we expect to see a renaissance of personal innovation as the tools that allow this kind of creativity become more attainable.

Help us follow this trend by sending in your project.

Contact us at:


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We should also consider projects carried out in the basement, the guest bedroom, the back porch, etc.

But not the kitchen! That's different. :-)

For anyone that wants to build an electric motorcycle, I would recommend looking at the EV album and compare other ppl's completed builds http://www.austinev.org/evalbum/motorcycles.html or check out other bloggers and resources on http://www.electricmotorcycles.net

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