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Carnival of Tomorrow 7.0

GY_5310.jpgOnce again, we open our Carnival of Tomorrow with an image of the "future" that is hopelessly outdated.

But who could have foreseen that robot hands would be made of legos?

Via GeekPress.

Howard Lovy wrote an article for Wired magazine about Dr. James Baker and how his branch of study, nanotechnology, went from science fiction to respected science in a decade.

Wired readers got the cut-down version. Lovy's blog readers get the "writer's cut."

James Clark of Electronic Advances has a fascinating story about how NASA designed for the future...in the past.

J Random American of Ideas in Progress thinks our soldiers should telecommute.

No doubt it would be much safer.

It's not a new idea (check out the picture attached to this post), and the idea has already been deployed in the air, but we agree that the ground is the next logical step for automated/remote warfare.

Mike of Mike's Noise explains why overblown environmental concerns may have doomed the Columbia.

The latest shuttle mission has demonstrated that the problem has not been corrected.

Reason at Fight Aging points to a fascinating editorial at MIT Technology Review. The editor, who is not pro-life extension at all, nevertheless wonders why scientists have remained so quiet about Aubrey de Grey's radical life extension ideas.

If he's wrong, why not say so?

We can understand not wanting to be that distinguished scientist who said it couldn't be done - immediately before it is done. Don't laugh, it happened with airplanes.

On the other hand, scientists also seem to be afraid to risk their reputations to suggest Aubrey might be right. It's a catch-22, but only for the timid.

Longevity First has more on the call for discussion at MIT Technology Review.

Virginia Postrel of the Dynamist thinks its irresponsible for Apple to be discounting (to children!) the importance of paper books.

We agree, but only because its premature. Let's perfect electronic paper that's as easy on the eyes as the real thing, get publishers to use the stuff for all their publications, THEN we'll talk about reclaiming that shelf space.

Randall Parker critiques the newly passed energy bill at FuturePundit.

Green Car Congress has more.

The honeymoon's over. Bill Frist breaks with the President on stem cell research.


Why, when it comes to space, are the Russians the capitalists, and we Americans are the big central-government-types?

Josh Cohen at Multiple Mentality has some thoughts.

Well...American entrepreneurs are developing a private Space Program.

Richard Branson and Burt Rutan announced the creation of a spacecraft building company this week.

The Center for Responsible Nanotech has some more thoughts on the future of NASA.

Meanwhile, Rand Simberg comments on NASA's grounding of the shuttle fleet. With more thoughts here.

Are you a glutton for future-blogging? Stick around!

  • The future of gene therapy took a huge leap forward recently with the success of ORMOSIL - a man-made gene delivery molecule. It's a big deal, trust us.

  • What will the world be like when computers become as powerful as the human mind? We'll know in six years.

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See you in the future!


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