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Key Fab

Last week my wife came home excited about the key machine at our local Wal-Mart. "This thing makes practically perfect copies because its computer controlled." Sure enough, the three keys we had made for our van all worked perfectly. Having had limited success with keys made by hand, I took note and decided this is how I'll have keys made from now on.

So when my mother asked about getting some keys made, I directed her to Wal-Mart and told her why. "It's all done by computer, Mom, there's little chance of human error creeping in."

This morning, I got a call from my mother, "I asked for the computer-controlled key machine and they laughed at me."



"Let me call you right back." I called my wife and confirmed that I had sent my mother to the right store.

Then I called my mother back; "You have the key machine operator there?"


pr-key-machines-cutting-machines-luna-2000-dm326.jpg"Could you put him on the phone?"


"Hello?" It was the key machine operator.

"I need to ask you about your key machine. Do you have to hand-grind the keys?"

"No, it's all automatic. I put the key and the blank in one side and it spits out the copied key on the other. This lady was asking if it was computer controlled. There's no computer screen or anything."

"Thank you. Let me visit again with my mother."


"Mom, you've got the right store and the right machine. Give your key to that clerk and he'll stick it in the automatic key machine that's controlled by the magical Wal-Mart pixies."


I swear to Glenn she actually said "heh."

Anyway, it just goes to show that computers really are disappearing into everyday machines (to the point that even the operators may not know they are present). AND simple, specialized computer controlled fabrication is already here and doing jobs too mundane to make headlines.



"I swear to Glenn" is good.

How about...

"By Glenn"

"For the love of Glenn"

"From your lips to Glenn's ear"

"Oh my Glenn"

And of course

"Glenn damn it"

Heh. Indeed.

Glenn Akbar!

Glenn live it!

The actual moral of the story is that Wal-Mart is at the forefront of dumbing-down of service personnel to the point that they don't have to know nothin' about nothin' that they're doing or selling. A mere step away from voice-controlled computer sales 'bots and distribution. The WM staffing levels are a few years away from a massive implosion, IOW.

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