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Carnival of Tomorrow 2.0

Well, when we see the interplanetary robotic squadron of the United States Air and Space Forces prepare for yet another engagement with our Dreaded Martian Adversaries, we know it must be time for the second edition of the Carnival of Tomorrow. Join us, won't you, for a foray into all things blogospherically futuristic.

Paul Hsieh of GeekPress announces that self- replicating robots have arrived (sort of).

Eric of Eric Grumbles Before the Grave has thoughts on the Space Elevator, with links to some interesting related sites.

Rand Simberg points us to Lockheed Martin's Crew Exploration Vehicle that could potentially take astronauts to Mars.

Rand has recently returned from live-blogging the Space Access Conference. His site has also featured some lively discussion about the end of Star Trek. Just go the the main page and keep scrolling.

Reason from Fight Aging! directs us to that rarest of things, an article worth reading on Lew Rockwell.com. Bill Walker speculates on the End of Cancer.

At Winds of Change Robin Burk argues that if our best science journals start playing politics with global warming, then their stepping on a slippery slope and It's All Over for Science.

Richard Feynman warned against scientific dogmatism in "The Pleasure of Finding Things Out." Here's an audio link.

The recent discovery of a surviving Ivory-Billed Woodpecker is another lesson in scientific humility.

Randall Parker on Pet Cloning: Creepy? Certainly. Harmful? No way!

K. Eric Drexler emails Howard Lovy on Lord Broers. He's not pleased:

It is a pity that Lord Broers has joined the parade of denialists who discuss distorted versions of obsolete scenarios to the exclusion of all research in the field since 1990.

Read the whole thing. And while you're on Howard's site, don't miss the photos of protestors who are baring it all to warn about the "dangers" of nanotech.

Virginia Postrel comments on the age of user-modified movies, noting that cutting out the boring stuff or changing a movie's ending to suit our liking will simply be further examples of user innovation, a topic on which she has written extensively in the past.

And if this turns out to be correct, the market for user-modified movies will likely grow to galactic proportions.

Need more News of Tomorrow? Slashdot has the latest on the newly discovered moon of Saturn, German Robot Dogs, and the heavy cost to employers of the new Star Wars movie.

Thanks to all the Bloggers of the Future for helping us to look ahead. Special thanks to Davidszondy.com for inspiring this editions's cover art.

Want to participate in the next edition of the carnival? Just write to us:

mrstg87 {@ symbol} yahoo {dot} com or
phil {@ symbol} speculist {dot} com

See you in the future!


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Very cool cover art, I love the retro covers. I still have some of the original early 50's "Doc" Smith books and a copy of "Slan" from about the same time frame and I love those covers. Much better than modern sci fi covers!

Cool carnival idea guys, thanks for the hat tip and referrals!

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