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10 Years and Counting

From today's Kurzweil:

"I believe we are heading towards a singularity and we will see it in less than 10 years," says Doug Lenat of Cycorp, which is putting an artificial brain called Cyc online for the world to interact with.

Opening Cyc up to the masses is expected to accelerate the rate at which it learns, giving it access to the combined knowledge of millions of people around the globe as it hoovers up new facts from web pages, webcams and data entered manually by anyone who wants to contribute.

Very interesting, but I don't see how "hoovering" facts is going to lead to the singularity. If volumes of data had anything to do with emerging consciousness, surely Google would have awakened by now.

Still, in fairness to Cyc's creators, the coming singularity would seem to have more to do with their claim that he has "common sense."

Read the entire New Scientist article, which starts out with a chat with a new (virtual) kid on the block, Intellibuddy.


Intellibuddy reminds me of Ramona. I hope Cyc proves more interesting.

I agree with you - "fact hoovering" is not enough. The article says they've been patiently working with the system for 22 years. That experience probably has more to do with its purported common sense than its load of facts.

We had a commenter to the Ramona 2.0 post


who suggested that broadband senses such as sight might be needed to develop good AI.

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