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Blogger Bash Highlights

In no particular order.

1. Stephen Green is no better at darts than I am.

2. A spirited debate took place as to whether Tom Hanks would be a viable presidential candidate. Definitions of both "lefty" and "moonbat" were revisited. The pro-Hanks side argued from the actor's record that he is strong on defense (Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers) and that he would revitalize the space program (Apollo 13, From the Earth to the Moon.) Also, he would likely be unbeatable among women voters (Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail.)

3. Songs were sung. I seem to recall this one number from Grease where I was covering both the girls' and boys' parts. Wow. You want to talk about versatile.

4. The prominent blogger who was shamelessly hitting on another blogger's wife only did so because he thought her husband wasn't there. (Granted, a better defense would include the phrase "only because he thought she wasn't married," but I'm trying to provide an accurate account of what transpired.)

5. I introduced Stephen and Sheralyn Gordon to everyone as the couple who drove all the way from Shreveport, Louisiana just to meet you.

6. Zombyboy no longer owes me a drink. Thanks, buddy.

7. Jeralyn Merritt is looking to unload some furniture.

8. Suraya, as always, proved instrumental in finding the bloggers (they were esepcially balkanized at this event) and in getting the conversation going.

9. More songs were sung. Especially moving was the Love Boat theme. Welcome aboard, folks. It's love. Sheralyn Gordon observed that when they got to Gilligan's Island, she was leaving. Luckily it never came to that.

10. I learned that through some inexcusable oversite, T. L. James' excellent Mars Blog was not in the Speculist blogroll. This has been rectified.

11. Matt Moore really needs to start blogging again.

12. A spirited debate took place as to whether Jeff Goldstein is "repulsive." Jeff argued passionately on both sides. The issue remains unresolved.

13. I read on one of my favorite blogs that had this event been on Friday rather than Saturday, Rand Simberg would have been here. I also seem to recall that Chris Hall once threatened to ride his motorcycle out here for one of the Rocky Mountain bashes. And Stephen, as I have mentioned, certainly did his part in coming here. Maybe next time we ought to have a full-blown spaceblogger convention.

14. Where was Dave Cullen?

15. When's the next one?

16. Something like this, maybe:

Update: Marsblog and Resurrectionsong have lots more. Zomby confirms that the singing was excellent, so pay no attention to T. L.'s comments about "beerphones."


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You know I was only teasing about the blogroll thing, right? I'm not a linkwhore, really. (Thanks, though!)

It was great meeting everyone...the RM bloggers are all so gosh-darn nice, it's almost scary (but that's good, don't get me wrong).

Did you take any pictures?

Pictures were definitely taken. The camera was passed around so much that I'm not sure who it belonged to. But photos of the evnt should be showing up on somebody's blog sooner or later. I'll post a link when I find them.

[groggy]I made it home... Must sleep.[/groggy]

Thank you Phil for you and your wife's wonderful hospitality. You made our trip fun.


It was great seeing you guys. It just went by so fast -- seemed like it was over before it started. Let's do it again soon.

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