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They're Jamming Our Signals!

I like those public service messages that Cingular runs in movie theatres featuring Mr. Inconsiderate Cellphone Man. The guy is so obnxoious that there's almost something likeable about him. However, there is nothing admirable about his mobile telephony habits. Well it looks as though nos amis in France have done something to end Mr Inconsiderate's reign of terror, and the UK is thinking about doing the same:

The infuriating ring of someone else's mobile blights many a night out at the cinema or theatre. France has decided to jam phone signals to allow audiences to enjoy shows in silence - could the UK follow suit?

I doubt that we'll see anything like this in the US. The Bill of Rights makes it darn difficult to curb obnxoxious behavior. I'm not saying that jamming phone signals in movie theatres is a free-speech issue. Beats me if it is. I'm saying it would almost certainly be opposed on those grounds.

Plus, in my limited recent movie-going experience in suburban Denver, I haven't observed much of a cell-phone problem in the US. Now if they had had this technology a few years ago in Malaysia...

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