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Live to see it.

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Liveblogging Singularity Is Near Premiere

These are my Tweets from the world premiere of the Singularity Is Near at the Breckenridge Film Festival...

At Breckenridge Film Festival for world Premiere of The Singularity is near. First short, Future Dave. Pretty funny.

Second short Rainbow Chasers -- spoof of Storm Chasers.

Interruped 3 times now with projector trouble. Not a good sign.

They're sending someone out for a bulb. Someone else is going home for aeosol dust cleaner.

Ray is doing Q&A while they fiddle with the projector.

Sundance this ain't.

Maybe the Singularity isn't all that near after all?

They claim this happens all the time at Telluride! Aerosol dust spray is here!

Guy running the show just asked whether anyone in the place has a Phillips head screwdriver.

Ray is doing Q&A while they fiddle with the projector. 

New projector is here!

Looks like we're back on track.

Movie starting.

First face you see/ voice you hear: Ray Kurzweil.

Second one: J Storrs Hall!

Also see Eliezer Yudkowsky and Aubrey de Grey.

Awesome movie. Review to follow.


Similar types of technical difficulties at the H Plus Summit. They kept making jokes about how Steve Jobs had 20 minutes of technical problems at his latest product launch so they didn't feel so bad. At one point Ben Goertzel asked if someone had a specific type of cable with them so he could show his Second Life video. Someone did and tossed it up to solve the problem. Hopefully the robots will sort all this out for us in the future, but who will fix them??

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